Southside Steve

West End Atlanta native Steven James Rickman has rocked Atlanta for over two decades. “Southside” Steve’s career began at WRAS 88.5, The Voice of Georgia State. and has had many stops since then including 96 ROCK, Eagle 106.7 and ROCK 100.5.

Steve’s bad boy Southern charm has earned him the opportunity and rights to bond with NASCAR and HOOTERS’ finest at the Atlanta Motor Speedway and Daytona International Speedway for 23 plus races, as well as Motocross Championships and Monster Truck events. Steve was the voice of the Atlanta Silverbacks Soccer Team, has opened for George Carlin at the Fox, and is the only person in Atlanta (we know of) to sit in every one of the 18,000+ seats in the Omni before it was replaced by Philips Arena.

When not having a blast on the air, you can find Steve spreading his own brand of “Southside” hospitality @southsidesteve on Twitter, Steve Rickman on Instagram and YouTube at SSSTV.