Back In Black

Bryn Meets World

I think (one of) the first baby’s I’ve ever held was Southside Steve’s son, Brooks, a number of years ago. I remember thinking if Steve can handle parenthood in a ponytail, I’ve got a good chance at the same. A decade ago we were out too late broadcasting live from seedy strip clubs and parking lot parties. I didn’t think I’d ever get married and babies were off my radar. That internal clock they tell you about in your 30s never ticked and I was just fine coasting with my career and independence from diaper duty.

Then, sex happens. Wait no…first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes 7 lbs 12 oz of newfound panic with a newborn. Meet my son, Bryn. You pronounce his name “Brinn”. My husband thought of it in the middle of the night during my first trimester. It jolted him awake. Bryn-Mawr is a street on the northside of Chicago where we’d go on many dates, newly infatuated with each other, or maybe just hungry for the best burger joints. Bryn is a traditionally celtic name, but not very popular in the states. It means Hill. Cool bonus points for the fact both Led Zeppelin and Local-H have songs about “Bryn”…my 2 favorites bands. Seriously. Google ‘Bron Y Aur Stomp’ and try to have a bad day.

I’ve been doing radio for all of my adult life and though it is undoubtedly the best job ever, I am so happy I can add “Mom” to my resume now.

Let’s rock!