Pay Attention to This Band!

There are a few bands I’m watching that I think will carry the rock genre into the future. One of these bands that will take it to the next level is definitely Bring Me the Horizon. It’s crazy because this band has been around since 2004 and I’ve known about them for years. They are definitely not a new band, but I guarantee you are hearing about them for the first time, with the release of their 2020 EP “Post Human: Survival Horror.” There were some great songs on there, including “Parasite Eve” and “Teardrops,” which you heard right here on Rock 100.5. I was really excited to find out that there would be a Post Human series.

We now know that their next release, hopefully coming in 2022, will be influenced more by “emo and screamo,” which I am all about! That sounds incredible. Seriously, this band is so good! They are hard, heavy and in your face. I recommend that you check out all their music, as their earlier stuff is super heavy! However, I really like the direction they are going with their new music, combining a lot of different styles.

Right now, you can hear their latest “Die4U” on the station and it sounds like the emo and screamo direction they want to go with the next Post Human series. This is definitely a band to pay attention to as I see them coming out with some incredible music and really taking this genre to the next level.

Now, this is my expertise. A lot of people who are discovering Bring Me The Horizon for the first time really like them and want to hear more bands that sound like them. Here you go! Three bands very similar to BMTH:

Parkway Drive – Architects – As I Lay Dying