2021: A Year in Review

Out with the old, in with the new (rock)

Well, it happened. 2021 has come and (almost) gone despite the odds. After a molten hot garbage fire of a year in 2020, we emerged in Spring of 2021 with some optimism that concerts could return in some shape or another. Vaccines rolled out to those willing to take them. Zoom meetings were nixed for patio beers and the promise of a baseball season that would happen outside of a bubble. We caught up with friends, flames, and family. I booked my first vacation outside of Georgia. The new normal felt, well, a bit more normal. And we went back to work. Bands that had been quarantined in recording studios emerged with new music. Foo Fighters released “Medicine at Midnight” which proved to be truly medicinal. Chevelle gifted us with “Niratias”. Evanescence stirred up adolescent memories with “The Bitter Truth”.

Then the concerts came next. Drivin n Cryin, Disturbed, Green Day, Weezer, Rise Against, Foo Fighters, Metallica, the flipping ROLLING STONES. Mick Jagger got reacquainted with the Clermont Lounge, y’all.

Oh! And the Atlanta Braves WON the World Series. Plot twist! Didn’t see that coming in July.

We leave 2021 with as much nervous apprehension as we did 2020. I hope that whatever we may face, we will do it together, in rock.

Peace and love in the New Year,

Lyndsey Marie