April 5th, The Day 2 Legends Died



Today marks 27 years without Kurt Cobain on this planet. He’s been gone as long as he was here, though the ghost of Kurt still screams into my headphones, flat at times, sharp, and unapologetic.  Each generation has that defining event of shock and extreme sadness– for the millenials it was 9/11, for the xers it was 4/5, the day Kurt Cobain died.  It’s a surreal memory for a lot of fans and it was felt all over again today in 2002 when Layne Staley died. The music lives on, of course. In the heart of fans everywhere and in the ’90s at Noon.

Watch Nirvana’s set at the Masquerade in 1990 below.


And Alice In Chain’s final concert with Layne in Kansas City.