Tomorrow is Friday with a long holiday weekend included! Things to do and beers to drink. As always, make sure we are your soundtrack for whatever craziness the weekend brings. Even though we can’t go see live shows, it’s really cool to see the innovation from bands. They are coming out with some really cool stuff.

Bad Wolves just did an awesome cover of Linkin Park‘s “Crawling.” They’ve certainly proven that they can do a badass cover. Definitely grab their new album, “Nation,” but you can find their cover of “Crawling” HERE.

Five Finger Death Punch is another band that came out with a great album this year, “F8.” While we know that Ivan Moody is one hell of a singer, he’s documenting his journey of trying to learn guitar. I’m all for huge musicians playing to their weakness and trying to expand their musical talents. He actually started a series that documents the journey. It’s called “Guitar Zero: Legends of the Fail” and you can find the latest episode HERE.

Cheers to your weekend!