Good humor parades the internet, especially in today’s pandemic climate. However, the music news, whether it’s showing their generosity or how some can’t play the guitar, is abundant. Tomorrow is pay day and that gives you the perfect excuse to live rich for a couple days. Go crazy! Alright, let’s get into some news.

Dave Grohl is a rock God. I doubt anyone will argue with my opinion. Seeing the Foo Fighters live is a true concert-going experience. You get every pennies worth out of Grohl. But, at this point, I will settle for seeing any band or genre live, as long as I can be 4/5 beers in while rocking out in the front row. It isn’t surprising to find out that Dave Grohl is quite a writer. I dare not try to summarize the words of the man himself, so read his article ‘The Day the Live Concert Returns” HERE.

We lost the great comedian, Jerry Stiller the other day. Most people remember him from Seinfeld, but I loved him in the show King of Queens. Definitely check that show out if you’ve never seen it. You can watch Stiller’s Rush cameos HERE AND HERE.

We know that Five Finger Death Punch does a lot of things right. They make a hell of a cover and their new album, F8, is great from start to finish. However, lead singer Ivan Moody is definitely not a guitar player.  I think it’s really cool for musicians at that level to show their fans that they indeed aren’t perfect. This is a pretty funny video of Moody attempting to learn the guitar. Check it out HERE.