As a society, we are somewhat adjusting to the life of coranavrius-induced quarantine. For the first time ever, you are definitely getting the most out of your mortgage or rent payments. When was the last time you spent this much time at home? You might actually be getting around to doing those house projects that you have been putting off for months. For me, my golf game has gotten a lot better. However, I think we all miss the three b’s; bartenders, barbers and babes. My hair is getting extremely long and I do not trust my girlfriend enough to cut it for me and I sense some inappropriateness if I ask my barber to make a house call. With the absence of my trusty bartender, I have gotten pretty damn good at pouring the prefect beer. Maybe I should go to Ireland and show those quacks at Guinness how a beer is properly poured? Nevertheless, house arrest is our normal for a while, so you might as well make the best of the situation. OK, what’s going on today? Let’s dive into some trending topics.

16% of people say they like the new normal. They claim once this pandemic is over, they don’t really want to go back to a physical location for work. Well, if you are doing it correctly, you are knocking out work as soon as possible and then binge watching your favorite streaming shows and beer thirty starts at 3 o’clock. Lets be honest. Working from home is a breeze and is much less stressful than working in an office. One thing you realize about working from home is you get stuff done in a more timely manner. This is because you aren’t spending so much time jabbering with your co-workers, purposefully taking a long lunch to prolong going back and not having to sit through countless meetings that could’ve easily been sent in a email. Why do we even need physical locations for work? If you have the ability, why not have the option to permanently work from home? Sounds like a pretty good idea to me. Also, streaming services are booming right now. You’ve had a couple seasons of that show you like on your watch list for months and you’ve most likely knocked the whole thing out in a matter of days. There have also been numerous articles about how families have gotten closer during this pandemic. Fathers are getting to spend more time with their kids and couples get more time to build their relationships. Cheesy, I know, but if you want a more ‘rock style’ statistic, the divorce rate is huge because many married couples are finding out they actually can’t stand each other. For the full article, including some interesting stats on streaming numbers, click HERE.

Yes, there was another sighting. This is either more evidence of aliens or just another attempt to distract you from more pressing news that the ‘man’ deems necessary. Either way, alien sightings are fun. I’ve written multiple times about how scared people would actually be if aliens existed, so I digress. Here is what I do find interesting. When the sightings first started becoming a weekly or daily thing, a little over a year ago, you could automatically tell they were altered photos or just really poor quality. In the last couple months, the quality has certainly improved and actually starting to peak my interest. I wouldn’t be surprised though if the government were perpetrating these sightings to distract whoever the hell would be fooled by that, but good on them. Anyway, for the latest sighting, click HERE.

Not only are streaming services seeing a boom in business, but beer sales are through the roof. Good on all of you who are sober, but how the hell are you coping with boredom? I wish I was that strong. In a survey, people from each state were asked if quarantine was causing them to drink a little more than usual with some surprising and not so surprising results. It’s not hard to fathom that so many in Hawaii said that they are drinking more than usual. If you have to be on house arrest, I would say beers on a Hawaii beach would be the perfect medicine. Check out how your states compares HERE.

It’s taco Tuesday, so I think that is a perfect excuse to start beer thirty at 1PM, don’t you think? Make me proud.