We live in a vast and never ending universe. We have no idea how far it stretches or where the hell it ends. Also, if it does end, what’s beyond that? There are so many questions that will not be answered in our lifetimes. Our great grandchildren are so damn lucky. They will have all the answers, if they aren’t already living on Mars. Now think about this; the world is vast and seems to be never ending, so are we really the only beings in existence? Taking science and religion out of it and just focusing on what we can explain, let’s look at some facts. In the small view of what NASA can see, there are several thousand galaxies, each with billions of stars. Scientists have discovered over 500 solar systems. Can we honestly say that we are alone? To think that we are the only beings in a never ending universe is pretty selfish. reports that only four percent of the universe has been explored. On the flip side, on our own planet, there are substantial parts of the ocean that have not been discovered or studied. That means that we do not even know everything about our own home. Bigfoot still hasn’t been discovered and the Loch Ness Moster still evades our grasp. Admittedly, I get pretty involved with conspiracy theories, more so because I find them fascinating. I do not actually think the earth is flat, but I am amazed that people could actually buy into that theory.

When it comes to aliens, people always say they want to know the truth. They claim that if Area-51 is hiding aliens or UFO aircraft, they should release that information to the public. Give me a break! If the public actually knew that there were outer space beings creeping on our every move, do you seriously think you would be able to go about your daily life? Hell no! You would be freaking out and living in constant fear. Has anyone noticed that over the past eight months, there have been more potential UFO sightings than usual? It seems that we get a new ‘sighting’ almost daily. While I believe this and other sideways information is trying to distract us from focusing on more important issues, I will leave that conspiracy theory for another time. However, the more sightings that come out, the more real they seem, perhaps this is on purpose and constructed by ‘the man.’ Nevertheless, the sightings are endless. That latest discovery are potential alien bases on Mars. Two different sightings point to these potential extraterrestrial hub.

Do you dare expose yourself to the truth?

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