Life in the age of the coronavirus. We have had to uproot our lives and completely change our routine in the matter of a couple weeks. For me, I know I’ve spent more time in my house in the past week and a half than I have in the last year combined. The first few days were spent adjusting and getting accustomed to this new lifestyle. Did anyone else experience the same? I had to sit down in the first couple days and write out a routine; a schedule of my day broken down into parts as if I was at work. Admittedly, day one and two consisted of waking up a little later than usual, working for about an hour or two and then having a beer or three with my lunch. Like many of you, I felt like I was on a vacation. However, this feeling did not radiate with those working their 9-5 job from home while homeschooling and entertaining kids. I feel for those people and promise I am honoring you as best as possible with my life of little responsibility. I feel like I finally got a routine down and am sticking to it. I’m balancing my work-at-home life with my down time and what I’ll call my recreation time. Going to the grocery store is like walking to a minefield. You have no idea who does and doesn’t have COVID-19. You hold your breath as long as possible, apply your hand sanitizer every 15 seconds and try to get out of there as soon as possible.

Hey, I found toilet paper today! Winning! My bum thanked me for giving it backup. It was getting nervous. Nevertheless, I digress.

We have all worked so hard to get a routine that we can stick with while on house arrest. We have put together all the pieces to emulate an at-home work environment. Many of us forgot to schedule in one certain aspect though…..our workouts! We’ve been drinking beers and eating apocalyptic junk food and didn’t even pay attention to our bulging bellies. We dropped the ball on that one. When the gyms closed, we thought calories and carbs took a break as well. Nope, they are still there and hitting harder than ever.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, however! Gyms are going online and tons of apps are offering free workouts to the public. This is unification at it’s finest. People coming together to solve problems with an abundance of solutions. I’ve been doing as much searching on the ole Google machine as I could to find you plenty of resources. If you do not find my resources acceptable, just search “coronavirus at home workouts” and you are sure to find something to your liking. There are options included for men, women, strength building, fat loss, yoga practice, running, etc.

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