Hoarders; they are the underbelly of society. Whenever the single hint of a panic rises in society, these horrible people are the first to barrel down the stores to stock up in preparation of the apocalypse. If you’ve been to the grocery store, you are well aware that toilet paper, paper towels, Lysol, sanitizing wipes and many other products are less than scarce. Again, we have the hoarders to thank you for this separate pandemic. Instead of just getting enough supplies to last for a couple weeks and see how this whole thing plays out, they fill their carts with two lifetimes worth of toilet paper. Inconsiderately, that doesn’t leave much for the rest of us. It’s times like this when we realize how selfish humans can be and what little respect and worry they have for everybody else. I get it, if you have a family of seven or eight, load up. You will definitely need it. But, if it’s just you and bro roommate that take massive dumps after eating the hottest wings you can come across and flooding your liver with beer, you need to examine a pandemic lifestyle change.

These are times when sharing and consideration are the key words. There are definitely a lot of great places in the world, but specifically Atlanta, doing things to help out their fellow man. Breweries are donating money to charities to feed the less fortunate and take care of industry workers. They are also making hand sanitizer since you can’t find one single bottle anywhere else. Grocery stores, Costco, Walmart and others are starting to frequently restock these items that so many people have been selfish about and disregarded the needs of others. Admittedly, I have been stretching out my last two rolls of toilet paper, using way less than I should be using. However, I promised myself I would not succumb to those hoarders and get on their level by lashing out at them on social media. I was going to remain quiet, stay in my lane and wait for these providers to restock the shelves. I would then, at that time, go in there with my head held high and purchase myself an 18-pack of butt wipers like a civilized adult. Well, I had beef stew for lunch and I have eight sheets to last me until tomorrow.

Laughter has drawn upon my face for these hoarders. I’m slapping my knee over those that just had to have everything; thirty bottles of Lysol and a hundred rolls of toilet paper. Would you like to know why? Because, if you got them from Costco, you absolutely cannon return them. That makes me smile.

You can read about what you can and cannot return to the wonderful store of Costco HERE.