You’re hunkered down on the couch, beer in hand and chowing down on a turkey sandwich. You’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to be a functioning member of society. The point is nearing where you almost and I mean almost, miss your coworkers. You haven’t been to your favorite bar in days. Those drunken conversations with Dave behind the bar are becoming a distant memory. However, you are finally getting your money’s worth out of your rent, despite increasing sums in utilities. Bless all of you that are going through all this with the addition of homeschooling and entertaining your kids during this pandemic. My biggest worry at the moment is making sure I have enough beer to last me for the night, a variety of sandwich meats and chips. I know, hard life.

Look on the bright side, we live in a golden age of technology where everything is available to us at any given moment. This is where streaming services come into play. As you know, you can always stream ROCK 100.5 here on our website or grab our free app to listen anywhere at anytime. But, if you are looking for new shows to binge or the latest movies to take up your quarantined house arrest, there are plenty of services making it easy for you.

Below are a few places you can go to get your fill of endless entertainment.

HERE for movies getting early on-demand releases.

HERE for the sports junkie that needs his fix.

HERE for tons of new titles coming to Netflix.

HERE for some classic college basketball games that will take you down memory lane.