This whole quarantine thing is becoming normal pretty quickly. It sucks, but I find myself somewhat getting used to it. The beer is stocked and the steaks are frozen, waiting to be grilled. But dammit, I forgot the toilet paper. Oh well, do the best with what you have, right? So, I understand that every time you see someone out in public you will naturally assume they have COVID-19 and will avoid them like the plague, even if it happens to be an extremely hot woman. A sneeze makes you cry and a dry throat has you calling every medical professional you have ever met in your life.

We certainly have the internet to thank for being even more freaked out. All of us, including myself, constantly google “coronavirus” and a smorgasbord of updated articles pops up. It’s being written about and updated every minute of every day and that constant content is one of the main reasons for over-freak out mode. Now, I am in no way downplaying the severity of COVID-19, because it’s definitely serious. I’m just saying that I don’t think we should torture ourselves by looking for the latest update every five minutes. Stay in your home, wash your hands, don’t touch your face. You are stressing yourself out by trying to find out how many new cases China has or whether or not New York is going to go into¬† “shelter-in-place”¬† mode. Hunker down, stock up on beer and we’ll get through this together. But let’s talk about why the hell they haven’t left yet!! If they aren’t scared of COVID-19, that worries me.

I’m talking about aliens! Yes, despite your news feed being full of coronavirus, UFO sightings are still pouring in like crazy, and this one orbits the sun! Yes, a moon-sized triangle has been orbiting our Sun for over nine months. It is baffling NASA as they don’t see how an object can be that close to the sun without being incinerated. I don’t know if it still stands true, but I’ve always heard that if we were much closer to the Sun, we would urn up, and if we were much further away, we would freeze. Either way, this “black triangle” is way too close to the Sun and still orbiting for it to have come from our planet.

I am not a conspiracy theorist. Do I believe? Do I not believe? I base on facts. This is a little convincing. Check it out HERE