Our news feeds are flooded with everything relating to the coronavirus. Conspiracy theories are floating around and for some reason there are still people that are not taking this pandemic as serious as they should. I came across an article yesterday that said college kids were throwing illegal “lockdown parties” at their homes or squeezing in one last rager before they get sent home to finish the semester online. These are not acceptable measures when the world is currently in chaos.

We are such a divided world. Everyone is different in every part of America and across the globe. We think and act differently when faced with situations. We rarely have the same enemy. We rarely believe the same ideals or actions related to an outcome. This situation, however, is one that we can all agree on and come together to overcome. Everyone is facing the same demon and wants a unified outcome.

As per usual, no one says it better than the man himself, Mr. Matthew Mcconaughey. I came across this awesome pep talk of his earlier and definitely wanted to share.

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