So, how you doing? This whole quarantined thing is definitely not my cup of tea. Surprisingly, I miss my 9-5 peeps. This temporary way of life is quite difficult and the world seems to no longer exist. But we do have the internet. Oh, how I love communicating with you through this warped technology. We are all too afraid to go outside, drink at our favorite establishments, work out at our gyms and sports are a thing of the past. According to many reports, this will be our new normal for a while. On a positive side, you get to drink beers in the comfort of your home without worrying about driving or having too many. You got to take the wins where you can get them. As we adjust to this lifestyle, how do you keep from going insane? I will post a few other articles in the coming days as I come across new info, but here is a great article of ways to keep busy and productive during this stressful time. Have fun, enjoy a beer or two and we’ll get through this

Here are ten ways to use your time, wisely. Click HERE.