Hey Rock family, it’s Jackson!

I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by and that are two weeks out from Christmas. Holiday season in Atlanta is a great time for family, fun and flat out debauchery. Do your events with the family during the day and then hit the watering holes and booze-filled events in the evening. Atlanta boasts quite a variety to choose from when it comes to your holiday seduction.

You’ve already spent most of your cash and maxed out your credit card on presents for every person you’ve ever known, so why not complete the cycle on a great hangover for yourself?

For the more family-friendly holiday engagements, but still with plenty of fun, click here.

For the more adventurous holiday swagger that just might bring a night of love, lust and a happy(ish) hangover, click here.

Not enough for you to choose from for you Christmas pop-up bar extravaganza? Fine, click here 

Perhaps on Christmas Day you just want to get away and have a drink by yourself. Maybe you and the lady friend want to sneak off together and enjoy a drink without the family. Here are some bars open on the day.

However you spend your holiday season, cause trouble and have fun doing it!