The happiest of Thanksgiving’s to all! I don’t know about you, but I am insanely in the holiday spirit! The holiday juices are flowing like crazy, more so than years prior. I’m ready to pound some turkey, pecan pie and one too many beers at the family gathering. If I asked my girlfriend why I’m in such a good mood, she would suggest that the Moon is in perfect alignment with Venus or some astrological stuff like that (she’s hippie-ish). Regardless, it’s a good time to be alive, so let’s get ready to party and have one hell of a good time causing trouble and having a damn good time doing it!

In a lively place like Atlanta, this is a busy time of the year. There are a lot of holiday events going on that mix in with the regular hustle and bustle of living in a city. For Thanksgiving, let’s start off with what is known as “Blackout Wednesday.” This is the night before Thanksgiving and has become the number one bar night of the year. Online dating coined the term “cuffing season,” and this is where people settle into temporary relationships for the holiday season, because everyone wants to feel special and loved/lusted over the holidays. If you are on one of these dating sties, go crazy with it. Go on date after date until you find the special somebody you want to get handsy with until after New Years. That’s the magic on online dating. If it doesn’t work after the first drink meetup, go dutch on the bill and go your separate ways. In my single days, I definitely spent way too much money on one-and-done dates. However, what I found is that nine times out ten, people on online dating suck.

I’m old school when it comes to the search of meeting a life partner/one night stand/beer buddy with benefits. Blackout Wednesday will be your opportune moment for that special somebody. This is not only because it’s the number one bar night of the year, but because Atlanta is the number one place in the country to be single and to find love or lust or whatever the hell you are looking for in that moment.  Don’t believe me? That’s fine…just check out this article HERE.

Looking for some bars in Atlanta to meet these singles and spit your game on Blackout Wednesday? I’ve always got your back. Click HERE.

However you spend the best bar night of the year, the next day is indeed Thanksgiving. Time to get your night friend an Uber home, drink some coffee, sober up and get to your parent’s house for the family gathering. I know, fooling your mom can be tough. On the other hand,  dad knows how barbaric your night was…oh he knows. He’s jealous and remembers those careless nights before you came along and ruined everything. He is trying to live vicariously through you. Maybe you pulled a total 180 and brought the woman from the previous night to your family fun. Talk about throwing a wrench into your mother’s hard work, slaving over that meal that you take for granted. Good for you, you rebel. But I digress.

The day has arrived. Before you sits wonderment of turkey, dressing, casseroles, pie and all the glory that comes with this holiday. All you need now is to pick the right beer for the occasion, or course. Different beers pair better with certain foods. How do I go about this, you ask? Well my friend, as always, I’ve got your back. Don’t mess up your Thanksgiving by drinking the wrong kind of beer. Disgusting. Do it right, the way the beer God’s intended. These are your go-to guides for Holiday flavor…you’re welcome. Click  HERE AND HERE.

The best part of Thanksgiving are the leftovers, no question. A midnight leftover turkey sandwich is heaven on earth, of course paired with another beer. I stretch out leftovers as long as possible. But, what goes best with those delicious holiday leftovers?

The answer is indeed a concert, and we are throwing one hell of a party Thanksgiving weekend. Two nights with Collective Soul (29th and 30th). Two great Atlanta bands are opening up each night. Like Machines will be opening on the 29th and Hero The Band on the 30th. These are two nights you do not want to miss. Rock out with a hangover and a fat belly.

Grab your tickets HERE.

However you spend your holiday season, cause trouble and always have fun doing it! Love you all.