The Navy Says Tom Delonge’s UFO Videos are Real

Aliens exist! Tom Delonge was so sure of it, he quit Blink-182 to find them. In recent years, Tom’s become known as an impassioned ufologist, or, in his words, “crazy UFO guy.” It’s a full-time job, but it has it’s perks….like exposing this eery video.

Back in December of 2017, three videos were posted online that showed footage taken by Navy pilots that supposedly showed UFOs. Well, the Navy finally addressed those videos, and apparently they’re REAL.  And they feature, quote, “unexplained aerial phenomena.” And on top of that, they say the videos should never have been released to the public.

Now . . . they AREN’T confirming those are definitely alien spacecraft.  They use the term “unexplained aerial phenomena” to describe anything they can’t identify. But if those definitely weren’t UFOs, don’t you think the Navy would’ve said that?  And not made a big deal about the videos going out to the public? These videos come on the verge of the strange facebook-meme inspired ‘Area 51’ raid scheduled for a crap show this Friday, the 20th. If you want to talk about space, man…check out this mini documentary from Tom Delonge.