Flashback Friday: Jackyl’s Rowdy Woodstock Performance

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Tomorrow marks 50 years since Woodstock 69 brought peace, love, music, and thousands of hippies to a dairy farm in Bethel, New York. The festival was so epic, it returned for 2 rowdy years in 94 and 99. I’d like to think the mood was set when Jesse James Dupree showed up for the first set of Woodstock 94. Here’s what went down:

  • Jackyl took the stage early that Friday. Jesse James Dupree, took the stage with a bottle of whiskey and poured alcohol onto the crowd. Unsatisfied, he lit up a joint as the cameras zoomed in on him with copious amounts of smoke filling the stage. At this point the crowd roared and in within a few minutes the entire crowd was drinking and partying hard. Jesse lit a stool on fire in the center of the stage and started using a chain saw to cut it up. He also pulled out a rifle and started shooting it in the air but cut his hand or finger, which started bleeding heavily and as he wiped his forehead a streak of blood was left across his head. At this point security dragged him off the stage. Jackyl turned in one of the most acclaimed performances at the festival, and the resulting double album ‘Woodstock 94’ went platinum and included “Headed For Destruction” (a track from Push Comes To Shove).


See Jesse James Dupree at Rockstock in Woodstock for a special song with Wild Honey at 3:30! We hope it’s as half as raucous as his famous Woodstock 94 performance.