Nirvana at Auction: A Used Paper Plate

Kurt Cobain's sweater just sold for 75k.

Nothing causes mass hysteria like a dead rockstar. For rich people, it must be a sport. You bid on authentic rock memorabilia, then display it proudly in your home as a conversation piece. Some of the items at these auctions are really cool, like Kurt’s thrift store cardigan that sold for 75k in Manhattan this week. Then there’s the more…eclectic pieces.  Enter: Kurt Cobain’s used paper plate.

Here’s the description on this thing:

A used paper plate with a set list handwritten in black marker by Kurt Cobain at the 9:30 nightclub in Washington, D.C., on April 23, 1990. Accompanied by a typed, signed letter of authenticity from Johnny Riggs of the band THUD stating that his band played before Nirvana at the club that night. Cobain had eaten some pizza before the show and proceeded to write the set list on the plate he had been eating his pizza on. Riggs managed to obtain the plate when they were done performing. Accompanied by a copy of the promotional flyer for that night’s show.

Diameter, 9 1/4 inches

Here’s the price tag:

22,400! Yes, $22,400! 

And it sold at that price, so you are SOL if you wanna fine dine on some frozen pizza tonight with Kurt’s setlist.