With the METALLICA show just under a week away, let’s take a look at what it takes to put together the massive staging that will crank the volume high enough to reach every fan at SunTrust Park next Sunday night. Behold: METALLICA BY THE NUMBERS.


35 – The number of years since Metallica’s 1st show on March 14, 1982

110,000,000 – The number of albums Metallica have sold worldwide.  Metallica are the third largest selling artist in the United States since 1991 (when Nielsen SoundScan began tracking album sales).  Only Garth Brooks and The Beatles have sold more albums in the U.S. than Metallica (meaning, they’ve sold more than Adele, Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Taylor Swift, among others)

0 – The number of albums by any other artist that have sold more than “Metallica” (a/k/a, “The Black Album”) album since 1991 (a/k/a, the SoundScan era)

3 – The number of days takes to build the entire WorldWired Tour stage production in each stadium

15 – The number of high definition IMAG cameras filming the show which will require 3,450 feet of Triax cable, 16 KiPro recorders and 2 TB of space each show to archive for safe keeping and for our fans to view later

1st – The place we score for our innovative sound system! The mammoth Meyer Sound LEO Family linear reinforcement system for our summer tour of North American stadiums is the FIRST to incorporate the company’s new VLFC, or very low frequency control unit.  Where a typical subwoofer covers a range from around 120 Hz down to 30 Hz – just above the 20 Hz lower hearing limit – the VLFC bridges this hearing threshold by extending full response capability down to 14 Hz.  The result is an uncanny effect that is more visceral than audible, creating pressure waves that are felt in the chest at distances well beyond 100 meters.  This creates an adrenaline rush and is a common response stimulated by exposure to these powerful, ultra-low frequencies.

42 – The number of VLFC cabinets that are arranged in two end fire arrays, a pattern that sets stacks of VLFCs spaced three meters apart from front-to-back and then sequentially delays input signals to each stack by the precise milliseconds needed to thrust the sound pressure waves forward rather than to the sides or backwards.  The uncanny effect of the VLFC’s subsonic impact is evident in Robert Trujillo’s bass solo, in the explosion tracks mixed into “One” and in other high-intensity moments during the show.   The VLFC on tour is a beefed-up version of a production model originally made for NASA to use in vibration testing.

54,000 – The number of guitar picks carried to accommodate what is being played and handed out to fans during the WorldWired Tour

41,158 – The number of sets of strings being played through countless riffs during the 27 shows

480 – The number of feet of custom truss and torms –  All Metallica white

83 – The number of laser fixtures, emitting a whopping 510 watts of laser light

91,800 – The number of refracted light beaming into the audience

5,360 – That’s how many miles the lasers traveled from London

640 – The number of hours that went into programming the lasers

3– The number of teams of 15 StageCo supervisors and countless stagehands and carpenters who build the stage

48 – The number of trucks carrying 1.5 million pounds of steel and staging materials from city to city

8 – The number of 80 foot propane stadium flame units that utilize over 800 pounds of propane gas placed up in the truss towers of the stage  which generates 35-60 thousand BTU’s of heat, each one of the Metallica stadium flames generate over 75 million BTU’s of heat that could be felt in the back of the stadium by audience members. That is a total capacity of 600,000,000 BTU’s a show. Your home BBQ uses 4,500.

39,279 – That’s how many pounds of speakers we’ll be lugging around

367,231 – The number of total watts for audio

1,400 – The number of amps of incoming power for audio

Over 300 – The number of the newest moving light fixtures in the world

470 – The number light fixtures and spotlights which give a whole new meaning to “Hit The Lights”

4 – The number of big rig trucks dedicated to nothing but transporting lighting

9 Million – That’s how many lumens of light will be shining down on us all on at 100%

2.5 – The number of megawatts of power generated. Enough to power 1,800 homes for a month

1,850 – The number of kVa of transformers

25 – The number of production trucks to carry the load.

18,000 – The number of total driving miles and 70 truck drivers to get us there

8,750 – The number of sq. feet of high definition video screens. That’s almost 1,000 sq. feet larger than the biggest IMAX screen in the world.

43,075 – The number of pounds of LED

5.25 – That’s how many miles of cable keep us plugged in